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How is a House Value Determined?

You have many ways to determine how much your home is worth and the value of it. It is by the properties recent sales, location, square footage, and the construction quality. Also by how much your home has spend and how much the cost of your home is. By doing that the agent of your home has to go into details with your house and figure out on the sales reports and the fees from all the private companies. Home prices are also determined by the balance of supply and demand. For you to be able to see your home is largly determined by your financing. Homes however are not only sold for all cash and without any financing.


What are the Safest Cities in America?

The top 25 safest cities are...

1) Amherst, NY
2) Brick Twnshp, NJ
3) Mission Viejo, CA
4) Simi Valley, CA
5) Cary, NC
6) Thousand Oaks, CA
7) Colonie, NY
8) Clarkstown, NY
9) Orem, UT
10) Sunnyvale, CA
11) Farnmington Hills, MI
12) Troy, MI
13)I rvine, CA
14) Lake Forest, CA
15) Sterling Heights, MI
16) Canton Twnshp, MI
17) Roswell, GA
18) Parma, OH
19) Provo, UT
20) Huntington Beach, CA
21) Stamford, CT
22) Hamilton Twnshp, NJ
23) Billings, MT
24) Edison Twnshp, NJ
25) Fremont, CA

These are the top 25 safest cities in America from an overall of 350 cities.


Why Would Someone Want to Become a Realtor?

If you want to become a realtor it isn't one of the easiest jobs there are. It would take a lot to be very successful to this particular job. You need to be thinking of the profession very clearly and if you are going to be very new to this profession you will need to know atleast the basic steps on what a Realtor is all about. Also to begun a career like this with your finances you need to be secure. If you need money atleast every month this would be the wrong job for you because a reltor doesnt bring income from real estate for a minimum of six months. You need to be prepared and ready to be working. Realtoring is a fun but very hardworking job. You need to be up to it's statics and ready to work.


What are the Most Dangerous Cities?

The most dangerous cities are...

1) Detroit, MI
2) St. Louis, MO
3) Atlanta, GA
4) Camden, NJ
5) Washington, DC
6) Compton, CA
7) Dayton, OH
8) Baltimore, MD
9) Tampa, FL
10) Gary, IN
11) Memphis, TN
12) North Charleston, SC
13) New Orleans, LA
14) Richmond, VA
15) Trenton, NJ
16) Jackson, MS
17) Cincinnati, OH
18) Youngstown, OH
19) Cleveland, OH
20) Springfield, MA
21) Oakland, CA
22) Birmingham, AL
23) Miami, FL
24) Richmond, CA
25) Reading, PA

These are the most unsafe cities in America.


What are the Larges Cities in America?

The Top Ten Largest Cities in America are...

1) New York City, United States - Population: 20,100,000

2) Los Angeles, United States - Population: 15,800,000

3) Chicago, Illinois - Population: 11,896,016

4) Houston, Texas - Population: 9,953,631

5) Pheonix, Arizona - Population: 8,517,550

6) San Diego, California - Population: 7,223,400

7) Dallas, Texas - Population: 7,188,580

8) San Antonio, Texas - Population: 6,144,476

9) Detroit, Michigan - Population: 5,951,270


What Are the Most Expensive Zip Codes in America?

There are many expensive zip codes. Here are the fifty most expensive.

1) 33455 Jupiter Island $5,600,000
2) 81611 Aspen $2,600,000
3) 31561 Sea Island $2,232,00
4) 33480 Palm Beach $2,200,00
5) 11771 Centre Island $2,000,000
6) 81435 Mountain Village $1,925,000
7) 94010 Hillsborough $1,850,000
8) 92067 Rancho Santa Fe $1,700,000
9) 11545 Upper/Old Brookville 1,700,000
10) 94957 Ross $1,620,750
11) 60611 Near North Side, Chicago $1,390,000
12) 10577 Purchase $1,348,000
13) 92662 Balboa Island $1,325,000
14) 94027 Atherton $1,293,000
15) 94528 Diablo $1,267,000
16) 94028 Portola Valley $1,250,000
17) 90402 Santa Monica $1,250,000
18) 02114 Beacon Hill $1,135,000
19) 93108 Montecito $1,122,500
20) 94024 Los Altos $1,100,000
21) 95030 Los Gatos $1,084,500
22) 96714 Hanalei $1,067,500
23) 77019 River Oaks $1,065,000
24) 90210 Beverly Hills $1,042,500
25) 94920 Belvedera Tiburon $1,010,000
26) 94022 Los Altos $1,000,000
27) 95070 Saratoga $995,000,
28) 94507 Alamo $961,250
29) 33921 Boca Grande $960,000
30) 10580 Rye $950,000
31) 11962 Sagaponack $915,000
32) 92657 Newport Coast $914,750
33) 60043 Kenilworth $912,500
34) 94946 Nicasio $885,000
35) 94010 Burlingame $880,000
36) 90272 Pacific Palisades $870,000
37) 98039 Medina $860,000
38) 92661 Newport Beach $845,000
39) 90266 Manhattan Beach $844,000
40) 90274 Palos Verdes Peninsula $837,500
41) 93953 Pebble Beach $823,000
42) 92625 Corona Del Mar $820,000
43) 94123 San Francisco $818,500
44) 11959 Quogue $815,000
45) 10506 Bedford $806,250
46) 93921 Carmel $794,000
47) 90077 Bel Air $790,000
48) 94904 Greenbrae $780,000
49) 94301 Palo Alto $780,000
50) 91108 San Marino $780,000

Although there are only fifty listed, there are much much more.



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